The heroes of Relkingham have come from humble roots. Moving from eradicating the kobold menace of Hamlet to opposing savage barbarian tribes. Now the dwarfs of Norheld depend on their courage.

What next for the party?

For hundreds of years no one has dared enter the dark interior of the black forest Simalire. Rumors known only to sages tell of a shining city filled with treasures and magic not seen for a millennium. Do you have the will to investigate the Shadowed City?

The seafaring peoples of the Eastern Sea are worried. Ships and whole trading convoys have been disappearing in the vicinity of the Glorioso Islands. Some say the area is cursed while others blame a mortal enemy. Are you ready for the Secrets of the Depths?

Lord Southwell, scholar and gentleman-adventurer, desires the aid of competent persons in an undertaking of scholarship and profit. Relics of the lost empire of the Mutsamudu are hidden in the dangerous Bambao tropics. Are you prepared for Jungle Endeavors?

Information on the world and events can be found here. Campaign info will be uploaded pretty regularly (when I’m at work :D).

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