The black forest Simalire is densely wooded with ancient trees. The edges of the forest abruptly transitions to tundra. Simalire would also be tundra if not for a zone of temperate climate emanating from the forest depths. No one living knows exactly from where the zone originates.

Elven Nation

Simalire is also the name of the elven nation whose peoples reside in secret villages among the trees. The elves defend their borders from trespassers as well as keep the road to Norheld free from the more dangerous denizens of the forest. The Lady Silver Highwatch has headed the elven High Court for hundreds of years.


Folks whisper of extensive ruins left over from an ancient Eladrin city-state. It is said the only occupants now are terrifying, monstrous spiders and worse. No one enters or leaves the dark center of the forest.


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