Norheld is a dwarven city that lies in the Winteriron Mountains and is the northernmost reach of civilization in this area. They are generally friendly to traders from southern lands. Adventurers are always welcome in the dwarven city.


Norheld consists of the old dwarven city carved into the mountain and outdoor expansions to accommodate human settlers after the collapse of the old empire. Most dwarves live in the old city and consider it alone to be Norheld. They refer (rather derisively) to the outdoor expansion as β€œThe Courtyard.” Most non-dwarves live in the outdoor expansion and call it β€œNew Norheld.”

Current Events

A barbarian Warlord from the northern wastes is threatening the city with invasion. The city guard has been seige-proofing the city for the past month. The party has determined the location of the barbarian war camp.


Although predominately dwarven, about a quarter of the population is human. The humans are mostly the descendants of immigrants who after the collapse of the old empire left their original settlements for the safety of Norheld. Many Dragonborn also live in the city, often working as city or private guards. Some Tieflings came with the humans; they mostly keep to themselves. The Vinton family has a large manor house. The family members tend to have small horns and an ashy scent. Some halflings operate inns and taverns catering to travelers. Few Elves, Half-Elves, or Eladrin live in Norheld. The Elvish peoples do not like the enclosed space and industry of city. The Elvish nation of Simalire has an embassy.


The church of Moradin is popular in the city and has a large influence on the policy of King Thadrick. Many of the non-dwarven residents worship at the temple of Bahamut. The Stoutheart Trading Co. operates out of Norheld. Its caravans carry a majority of Norheld’s exports. The Far Go Charter Co. specializes in high-risk, high-reward trading. The


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