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  • Norheld

    !http://wizards.com/dnd/images/ros_gallery/83258.jpg! Norheld is a dwarven city that lies in the [[Winteriron Mountains]] and is the northernmost reach of civilization in this area. They are generally friendly to traders from southern lands. …

  • Old Norhold

    Old Norhold is completely underground and very defensible. [[Norheld]] expanded into the valley after humans immigrated. h4. Places to Visit * Dwarven Quarters * Workshops & Smithies * Temple to Moradin ** Shrine to Kord - occupies an alcove in …

  • New Norheld

    After humans immigrated to [[Norheld]] the city expanded aboveground into a defensable valley in the [[Winteriron Mountains]]. Mostly humans and other non-dwarfs live in the valley. h4. Places to Visit * Human Quarters * [[Simalire]] Embassy * …

  • Diesa Graycut

    Diesa asked the party to come to Norheld to ease tensions between the city and the elves. Diesa travels widely with the Stoutheart Trading Company. She has picked up habits and dress from the peoples she has bartered with. Less conservative than other …

  • Master Stoutheart

    Gruff leader of trading empire. Does not worry about the morals of his business. Stoutheart grew the family's small business into a successful and wide-ranging trading company.

  • Steward Bjorn

    Steward Bjorn has employed the party to scour the north, find and kill Lovik, and find Alfhild. Steward Bjorn claims to know everything significant that occurs in Norheld. Steward Bjorn is a close advisor to King Thadrik of Norheld.

  • King Thadrick

    Thadrick has hired the party to kill Lovik if they can. King Thadrick Norheld is the current king of Norheld. By all accounts, he is a good king.

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